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Questcoast Kids Camps!

These 100% outdoor summer and spring break camps provide engaging and exciting outdoor learning opportunities and activities for children Kindergarten to grade 5. The kids explore nature, engage in structured learning activities, participate in super fun free play and earn badges along the way!


Being in nature adds dimension to children's play. It stimulates all their senses, helping them to develop their creativity, imagination, and physical abilities.

Kids will engage in hands-on learning that promotes scientific inquiry and creativity.  Our curriculum is centred around outdoor activities that allow children to explore and interact with their natural surroundings, and incorporates age appropriate BC Curriculum.

Through child led inquiry, kids will experience forest sensory engagement, pattern recognition and building, fort building, plant and bird identification and much more.

In addition to exploration, we incorporate structured learning activities that support your child's cognitive and social development and understanding of nature. Our trained instructors lead small-group lessons that focus on topics such as plant and animal identification, environmental conservation, shelter building, nature journaling, survival skills and teamwork skills.


The camps are designed to be engaging and age-appropriate, with plenty of opportunities for the kids to ask questions and share their observations.


 Our program has ample time for children to engage in unstructured play, where they can use their imagination, develop their social skills, and build physical strength and coordination. 


Children from Kindergarten to Grade 5 who are seeking an engaging, age-appropriate and adventurous way to spend their Spring or Summer break.



Our badge system consists of a series of learning modules or topics that kids can choose to explore based on their interests.

For each module completed, kids earn a badge that recognizes their mastery of the topic. The badges serve as tangible representations of the skills and knowledge gained through the program and can be displayed on their vest or hat.


Kids can work at their own pace.

The badge system provides a flexible and personalized approach to learning. It provides a sense of accomplishment and recognition for their achievements, which builds self-confidence and motivation to continue learning.

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Beginning Spring Break 2024



9:00 – Drop off begins

9:15 – Check in and create plan for the morning

9:30 – Adventure into the trails

9:45 - Free exploration

10:15 - Structured learning

11:30 – Lunch Time and Reflection to inform our next inquiry

12:30 – Forest story time and then free exploration

1:15 - Structured learning

2:30 – Give thanks to the forest and Reflection to create a plan for the next day

2:45 - Adventure back to the pick up/drop off location

3:00 – Program end



Rocky Point Park, Shoreline Trail, Old Orchard, Belcarra, Buntzen Lake, Barnet Marine... and more! 


Rain or shine

We are 100% outdoors! If the weather is safe then we will be exploring, and splashing in puddles along the way. 

Please ensure your child has appropriate rain & sun gear. 


Still have Questions about Camps?

Send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can! 

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